Group Airline Reservations

We simplify the process of coordinating group travel from small to large.

Group Airline Reservations

OneTMS is licensed to sell seats and issue tickets with every major airline in the world. The blocking and buying of the airline seats is a strong negotiation. We work directly with each carrier to confirm the very lowest airfares on the most convenient flights.

Our Group Airline Reservation Service Includes

  • Airline contracts and maintenance, deadlines, deposits, avoid penalties
  • Airline blocks
  • Airline reservations
  • Live flight confirmations
  • Online flight check-in
  • Premier seat confirmations
  • Airport information
  • Flight delays and cancel alerts with protection plans
  • 24-hour emergency support.

Our Customer Service Promise

For up to one year from the date of return, we will assist the travelers: if they do not receive the frequent flyer miles, an unused ticket needs to be exchanged, they are charged incorrectly, or have issues with the airline traveled. OneTMS will use its relationships with impact to protect and assist passengers we have ticketed.