We Offer MORE

We have a full range of services for your business

Simplified Pricing

Our clients set their own prices by selecting the services they require for their group from our Menu of Services. This way, the client only pays for services they will use. We can customize for any budget.

24-Hour Helpline

Our helpline is answered by the same planners that you will come to know and rely on throughout the process. You are not given a call in number and code for an outsourced service to assist you. It will be the same planners you already know.

Executive Services

Lost luggage assistance, document registry for lost or stolen tickets, birth certificates or passports, airport delay advisories by phone call, frequent flyer assistance

Preferred Rates

As members of Global Distribution System (GDS) we can buy directly from the airlines and hotels that belong to this elite resource and because of these agreements we can pass these savings onto our clients. Over 80 billion dollars per year are processed via GDS with thousands of preferred vendors participating worldwide.